Monday, March 30, 2015

That Conversion Rate

Hi! Or, Annyeonghaseyo!! I'm currently sitting here in a bubble tea cafe:

Yes, you read that right. It's a cafe where they sell all types of sugary tea with aloe or pearl "bubbles" in the bottom of the drink that you suck through the straw and chew. So addicting!

So in South Korea, the currency is won. The exchange rate right now works out to about 1,000 won=$1.00. (More accurately, it's about $0.95=1,000, but yeah. You get the idea.) So, the first bill you see below is about $5, then $10, then $1. Their bills jump from 10,000 to 50,000, so no "$20" bill in Korea.

Jeez! Some things are so shaving cream. The 16,500 one is about $16! and the 7,400 is about $7! AND THESE ARE THE TRIAL/TRAVEL 2oz SIZEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :O

Tea, especially herbal tea, isn't cheap here either. Below you see small-sized boxes for $6-$8 each! Since I took this picture, the cheapest I've found is a box for about $4.

In the mornings, I teach middle and high school. In the afternoon, I teach 2 class periods for 4 elementary aged boys. Below they are split into two teams earnestly seeking to win the coveted cow stickers. (They are literally stickers in the shapes of cows...they love them haha.) I think this video captures their sweetness and their love and affection for one another. Yes, I do teach English class, but they are speaking in Korean. They often listen and respond in English, but talk to each other in Korean about the activity. Oh well.

And this is how my washing machine lets me know that it is done! Isn't it so much cuter than an obnoxious buzzer??

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