Sunday, January 25, 2015

Goodbye, Lynchburg--hello South Korea!!

     Well, I’m going to South Korea! Yup—you heard right! It’s true and I can hardly believe it myself. I’ll be teaching at an international Christian academy for grades K-12. It’s in the city of Anyang, which is relatively close to Seoul, the capital. I’ll be flying out on February 10th(ish). I’ll be in an apartment with another teacher at the school. I’m extremely excited and nervous about this opportunity and can’t wait to be there.
     I’m SO open to hear any tips/tricks/words to say to Korean! Please, please, please refer me to any teachers that you know in South Korea or give me advice about teaching overseas. I’m getting my passport (hopefully) the same day this Tuesday (1/27). If you would say a prayer that would go through smoothly I would really appreciate it!
     I’ll update y’all soon with some more details (I know you are all dying to know…;) 

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