Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Week More

     I’m currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Lynchburg (shout out to Bean Tree Café!) sipping an Americano. I have a million and one things to do before I leave in one week. YES—one week from today. It’s seriously getting real. Lynchburg has been my home for the better part of almost four years now. From dorms to a house to now, an apartment, I love this city. I’m sad to leave, but excited for the next chapter in my life.
     Last night I found out that my apartment is in the building right next to the school where I will be teaching. It’s a one-bedroom, all to myself, and it’s on Café Street. So the street is literally lined with coffee shops. My personal mission is to visit every single one of them and find the best one J I’m close to the capital, Seoul, and I can get there easily by metro. The shopping is apparently FANTASTIC in South Korea and that is something (as a girl…) I’m looking forward to.
     Like I’ve said before, I’ll be teaching English in a K-12 Christian academy. When I arrive, I’ll find out what classes I will be teaching. I’ll be teaching English with a wonderful couple from here in Lynchburg (we’re hopefully flying out on the same day to South Korea)! They are super sweet and I’m blessed that we’re stepping out in faith, together, and in some ways, the same boat. None of us have ever been to South Korea but we have a burden for the people and the kids we’ll be teaching there.

I would say the top two questions that I have been asked in regards to my trip are:
“Are you excited?”
“Are you nervous?”
Yes. The answer is a whole-hearty yes.

     I’m excited that I’m going to a country and experiencing a new culture. I feel so privileged for the opportunity to be fully immersed in a new language that I can learn. I can’t wait to meet South Korean people in their country and learn about their culture, history, and mannerisms.
     I’m nervous (TERRIFIED) that I’m going to a country where I currently only know how to say “hello” in the language. I’m scared that I won’t be understood or understand other people. I’m afraid of racism and stereotypes. I’m nervous to try foods where I don’t quite know the ingredients of the dish.
     But more than these feelings, I have a peace. I know that this is where God is calling me for this season (or, as several of my good friends have told me: that they don’t think I’ll come back ;) The peace of God is greater than my feelings. And that is my comfort and hope.

P.S. I leave the country one week from today, but I’m leaving Lynchburg on Saturday. If you would like to meet up one last time, shoot me a text or a fb message and let’s see if we can’t get together before I head out!

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